Contrary to common belief that you have to focus on just your studies when in school, it is also as important for you to make the best of your time in school by also having a social life, this can help take the stress off studies.

In the tertiary institutions, it is very important to balance your social life with your studies such that you are able to get the best out of both world. The importance of having a social life in school cannot be overemphasized, it is possible for you to meet your spouse or build relationships that could last a life time while in school, we have taken liberty to outline ways to combine leisure and studies.

  1. Manage your time properly.

Time management is very important if you want to succeed in anything. Make great effort to keep to time, be prompt to lectures and don’t spend time doing what isn’t productive in anyways.

  1. Adopt a daily schedule.

Once you have prioritized your activities for the day or week stick to it, doing so will make it easier for you to know what you have to do and do well to make sure you do it. When planning your schedule make sure you use your semester timetable as guide.

  1. Be socially Minded

Don’t just immerse all your energy into studies, make out time for social activities you like to engage in. Do you like swimming, singing or dancing? schooling doesn’t have to stop you from engaging in what you like to do best. Create a free time in your schedule where you get to dedicate quality time to doing what you love to do.

  1. Focus on your goals

When it’s time to study, do well to focus and concentrate on getting the best out of your study time. Also, when you have set out time for leisure make the best of the time set aside for the activity. Whatever activity either studying or “playing” endeavor to devote maximum attention in order to make the best out of it.

  1. Try and get ahead in your studies.

If you can, try and be ahead in your studies, complete assignments, research, and reports before the due dates to avoid rushing to meet the deadline which can disrupt your adopted schedule.

  1. Learn to make sacrifices.

When it comes to balancing leisure and studies, most times you will have to come to a compromise. When you can, make the necessary sacrifice for your studies. Even when it’s time for leisure you will need to choose between leisure and studies, the decision is entirely yours, but do well to choose the one that’s more important.

  1. Lastly don’t engage in too many social activities.

In the tertiary institution it is very easy to get carried away with all the buzz and excitement of the social life on campus. For the sake of your academics don’t engage in too much social activities, know the reason why you are in school which is to study, there is time for everything, but right now you need to focus more on completing your studies with good grades.

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