How to predict exam questions in advance

Hello Readers, in order to successfully predict exam questions in advance, it is very important you adhere to some tips which might be helpful to you. In this post “how to predict exam questions in advance”, I going to suggest to you working cheats on how to succeed academically and predict exam questions in advance.

Attend lectures regularly

It is imperative that you attend lectures and pay attention during lecture period. Compare a lectures teachings to the content of the course material. Some lectures teach so many things that you wont find in the course material, while some teach word for word what is in the course material. It is essential that you attend the classes of those you cannot predict what they will teach based on their course material. If you want to predict exam questions, never miss their class.

Study past question paper

Research and experiences shows that about 50% of questions that appear in examination can be found in the past question papers of that particular course or subject. To predict exam questions in advance, Study the way the lecturer structures his questions, and apply it as you study his course material. Frame questions based on his pattern of setting question for all the contents of the course material, and learn to answer them in the best way possible.

Don’t miss revision class prior to exam

For you to prect exam questions in advance, do not miss revision class. Some lecturers give students hints on possible areas that questions are likely to come out from during final revision class. Prior to this time, they have set and submitted their exam questions to the faculty management. Attending revision classes will give you a picture of possible questions you will see and areas you need to focus on in the course material or lecturer’s note which might help you predict exam questions in advance,.

Understand your lecturers

Ask question about your lecturers; how they operate and their question style. If you understand them you will know how to prepare for their course. Lectures differs, some often repeat past questions while some don’t. some love students tha are very creative, while some expect you to give them back what they gave you. Remember that lecturers think differently.

Get the course material

Lecturers usually prepare handout for the course they are taking, and each student is expected to get a copy of the handout and have access to the components of the course. If you want to know what may come up in your exam, make sure to get all the materials for your courses. You can buy the essential ones and photocopy others.

Ask for areas of concentration

Remember that if a lecturer covered 50 topics for a particular course in a semester, your exam questions will not come from all the topics but a selected few. So it’s vital you ask a lecturer for areas of concentration, don’t be afraid to ask, most lecturers are willing to tell students the areas they need to concentrate and read. Knowing this wil save you the headache of reading everything but focus mainly on the exam topics.

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Lecturers ask what interests them

When your lecturers teach, pay close attention and be observant. Those topics they spend more time on teaching, explaining, making emphasis or repeating things over and over again should get your attention. Exam questions may spring from some of them, because most lecturers do ask questions from the topics they enjoy teaching.

Lecturers drop hints

Some lectures while teaching drop hints to the students. Please don’t ignore those hints. For example a lecture might say “if I should ask…, I expect…” or “this is the kind of question I like asking in exams”. Do not take such comments for granted, because surprisingly the same question may be among your exam questions, perhaps in a modified form.

Don’t ignore your test questions

In order to predict exam questions in advance, don’t discard your test question papers because some questions you will come across during exam are still the same questions you answered during your class test. Study your test questions and bear in mind you will see some in your exams.

Finally, this post is not guaranteed tip but a guide on how to predict exam questions in advance. you can read How to ask intelligent questions in class here. Read your book like your life depends on it and watch your grades improve.

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