To some people graduating with a first class isn’t at all possible in some departments in Nigeria Universities, due to factors ranging from victimization from lecturers and the difficulties associated with the learning system. Am going to show you in this post that you can also graduate with a first class starting from your first year in school


Graduating with a first class is very possible if you begin on the right track right from your very first day in school. Still thinking it’s almost impossible? Here are 10 tips on how to make and graduate with a first class starting from your first year in school.  

  1. You have got to want it

Right from the onset you need to tell yourself that you really want to graduate with a first class, this determination is the driving force required to take you closer to your goal. Students who end up graduating with a first class worked hard with a genuine desire to achieve it.

  1. Learn to love reading books.

Majority of students in tertiary institutions don’t spend time in studying. The few that learn to study hard day and night are the ones with higher chances of graduating with a first class. Read books that are both related and unrelated to your course of study, no knowledge they say is wasted.

  1. Be friendly with your lecturers.

Build a rapport with your lecturers, whether it is related to the course or you just have some pressing issue, see your lecturers as people you can confide in, the more you get to interact with them the easier for them to become aware of your true potentials.

  1. Do not skip classes.

It’s very common for students to skip lectures for one reason or another. If you are aiming to graduate with a first class, you’ve got to try your best to attend all your lectures, whether you like the class or not, you never know what you may learn from it.

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  1. Avoid unnecessary distractions

Luxuries like television, cable and games can very well serve as a distraction to you while on campus. If you can’t handle the distraction, then don’t get them in the first place.

  1. Cut down on time spent on social media.

A lot of students waste better part of the day on social media platforms and completely neglect their studies. If you want to keep up with good grades you need to cut down on the time spent on social media and focus on your studies.

  1. Do your own research.

Do not rely fully on the handouts and notes given to you by your lecturers, do your own research and widen your horizon on the subject matter, you might just discover an error

  1. Endeavor to study a course you are passionate about.

You have got to love reading those big books related to your course of study. You need to pick a course that excites you and are interested in gaining more knowledge about.

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  1. Have a mentor

This can be anyone provided that the person motivates you to want to get a first class. It may even be a study partner who shares the same motivation with you, who can help push you to do more.

10 Don’t be too serious.

Don’t disconnect your self from others just because you want to graduate with a first class, try and socialize, take out time to explore and have fun this doesn’t in any way stop you from actualizing your dreams.

Plan your time well and create time for other things apart from school work that makes you happy. Remember you will only get this experience once so try and make the best out of it.

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