Examination malpractice is a serious canker worm in the educational system everywhere. In Nigeria, students in tertiary institutions continuously device new methods to engage in examination malpractice.

While majority blame it all on the system, students also have a vital role in eliminating examination malpractice by completely shunning the act and preparing adequately for any exam. We have taken the courage to expose 10 ways students in Nigeria university cheat during examination.

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  1. Writing on parts of the body.

Before the exam commences, some students write on their palms, thighs, arms and get seated for the exam. Once the exams commences they start writing from the body part with the solutions to the question.

  1. Writing on tables and chairs.

In exam conditions where everyone is assigned a particular seat due to numbering, students write on their tables and chairs and start copying into their sheets once the examination begins.

  1. Writing on clothes and footwears.

Students write inside their clothes at the bottom end, on the sole and inside their footwear. When the examination begins, they take off their shoes and begin to cheat with it.

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  1. Copying from a neighbor ( giraffing).

When it seems like the person in front or beside is solving the questions, students who have no idea develop long necks and start spying from the person.

  1. Asking questions.

This one is common with people who don’t carry foreign objects into the hall to cheat. They opt to ask for solutions to difficult questions inside the examination hall in a very quiet manner.

  1. Use of foreign objects.

Popularly called “chips”, “chukuli” “expo” or “bomb” among Nigerian students. Prior to the exam they copy answer to pieces of paper, bubble gum wrappers, or even on I’d and forms and take it inside the hall when the examination begins they use these foreign objects to cheat.

  1. Exchanging papers.

During the examination unknown to the invigilator, students do engage in exchange of question paper and copy from each other. This is common with friends, the one who has the answer to the question writes it on his/her question paper and exchanges with the friend in need.

  1. Use of gadgets.

Students use devices like mobile phones, programmable calculators, smart wrist watches to cheat during an examination. Thousands of pages can be copied on even photographed onto gadgets and smuggled into the exam hall with the aim of cheating with it.

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