Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria

Hello Readers,  In this detailed post, I shall expose you to the Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria. It might interest you to know that there are hundreds of SSCE jobs vacancies which are best suited for o’levels holders who have their SSCE results with them.

It is no longer news that most west African countries are now facing high unemployment rate especially for waec or ssce certificate holders. 

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These are countries where many graduates are churn out in their thousands yearly but not enough jobs to serve them all. 

Notwithstanding this struggle for job and better living, I shall expose you to the latest jobs that you can do with your Senior Secondary Certificate Examination irrespective of your country. 

Most of these job are very rewarding, fulfilling, less risky and could get you a better one if you have a higher certificate like ND, HND or BSc to present for it, so ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to the Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria and they are:

Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria

Don’t be in a rush to read this post because steadily, i will show you:


  • how to find latest jobs for waec or ssce holders in your area
  • Prerequisites for landing that job 
  • where to find the best job opportunities for waec or ssce holders
  • 10 High paying best jobs for waec and ssce certificate holders
  • Wrapping up…


Alright, hang on while i take it one steps at a time…

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How to find latest and Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria

Just like other jobs, you need to make enquiries about job opportunities and options in your localities. Do you know that most jobs are seldom advertised? 

For example: Angel has a cool number of jobs specifically for ssce holders and chooses not to place any ads rather she chooses to his her close friends and colleagues about the job and its specifications.

Follow the tips below to know how to find that job… 


  • Be humble even to the stranger you do not know 

  • Don’t be shy or afraid to state your employment status any where

  • Always tell your neighbors, friends and religious bodies that you need a job stating your qualifications.

  • Take note of jobs adverts around your street or area

  • Learn new skills while you job hunt, this skills coupled with your SSCE certificate could land you you a high paying job.

Prerequisites for landing that job with your Waec result 


This is simply What you need to do in order to get that job.

  • You must have a CV and your SSCE certificate ready
  • Here, you must be good looking dress wise
  • Have average communication skills and ability to express yourself 
  • Must be a good conversationalist
  • Should be Computer literate at most, the basic level


where to find the Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria

There are many places where you can find that job both offline and online.

They include:


10 High paying best jobs for waec and ssce certificate holders


1. Programmer / Graphic Designers

I know you are surprised with this but YES you can get a decent job with your SSCE and a good programming knowledge. Here, You can either work as a blog owner, blog designer, website admin, front or backend programmer, web and graphic designer, software or networking. 

Don’t be afraid to note that you can learn and master this programming skills in a year at most. The truth about these jobs is that your only requirement is your programming skills and not your certificate; if you are very good in learning things very fast and you are good in coding because everybody can code then you can work in any company or organization in the world. 

All you need is to be good in your programming language but salary in this job differs but you are not going home empty handed depending on your expertise and experience 

Pay is between #35,000 – #800, 000 monthly. 

2. Construction Company

Good thing I love about construction companies is that you have a wide range of jobs to choose from,. you can work in office department, an office clerk or messenger, on the field, welding / carpentry section, surveyor field. 

You can also be a driver for staffs or operate heavy machine. You also have the opportunity to learn firsthand practice from top engineers, architecture, surveyors etc. most time these people are expatriates from other country to handle that job. Your Salary solely depends from your job role. 

Pay is between #25,000 – 100,000 monthly.


3. Delivery Job / Driving:

This one of the latest but not the Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria currently. You could work as a driver, delivery man or dispatch rider. In this job, you will be delivering letters, product, files or any items for Shipping Company, shops, online stores like jumia, Postal Agencies like FedEx, Firm, Banks etc. 

deliveries are done by car or motorcycle and you must know every corner of the state before applying so that it will helps you clear your way during traffic. You will also be driving staffs or top executives to where they want to go. The salary depends on your experience and attitude. 

Pay is between #25,000 – #50,000 monthly. 


4. Blue collar jobs e.g Plumbing / Electrical Job

One of the advantages of being skilled, us that you could be your own boss or work on contract bades. This is a skilled job and some companies need their services every single day.

Their job is to fix any plumping and electrical work in the building, they service and repair some faulty ones and they are always been monitored by the company or the firm they work with.

Salary from this job are base on experiences and company strength 

Pay is between #25,000 – #60,000 monthly.

5. Cleaning and domestic Jobs

This is the most flexible job for an ssce holder. Many people run away from this particular job but they never know that people usually get higher pay per job from this cleaning job. you don’t even need a higher certificate to present for it. 

Your job role is to clean offices, toilet, garden and every other area of the building. This job gives you the opportunity to work in Government Ministries, Agencies, Construction Company, Telecom Company, Oil and Gas industries, Firm, Banks etc. 

The juicy part is that you can do this on contract basis, giving you the opportunity of handling different cleaning services for different clients.  

Pay is between #20,000 – #80,000 Monthly. 

6. Security Job

Although, this might not be the safest job for a ssce holder because it is one of the most risky jobs on this list; you can work in a Bank, Government Ministries, Companies, and Industries. 

The opportunities of a security job are endless and less competitive because of its risky nature. Therefore by working in a Community or private property, you could earn alot of money. Remember, no risk no reward! 

salary depends on company strength and pay is between #40,000 – #150,000 monthly. 

7. Secretarial Job

This is one of the coolest jobs for the ladies. This job require you to be smart, bold, clean, out spoken and knowledge of computer skills like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power point, Coral Draw etc. 

The Bigger the company the bigger your salary, but this job is mostly found in small or medium scale company/business. Therefore this could be the best job for a waec or ssce certificate holde who is smart and intelligent. 

Pay is between #20,000 – #30,000 

8. Sales Job

This job comes in two parts, the first part are those who work in supermarkets, fast food, commercial shops or any medium scale job that need the assistant of a sales boy or girl, these particular people earns about #20,000 – 30,000 Monthly depending on company strength. 

While the second part are those who make sales for Telecom companies, beverages Companies, Local Herb Drugs or any new product that just come into the market. 

They can sell or register sim cards, fruit juices, Movies, Local Drugs, Home appliances etc, they are mostly on the street and their salary are base on the amount of sales they make or the duration of the product they are selling which range from #15,000 – #40,000.

9. Factory Jobs

This job is one of the most tedious job for ssce holders although they are base on shifting (Day and Night), you have the chance to work in a production unit, manufacturing unit and sales unit. 

your job role might be to package goods, store or register product or operate some machines. Some people who work in food factory have the opportunity to free feeding or weekend gift. 

Pay is between #15,000 – #30,000 monthly depends on the company strength.

10. Fuel Station attendant 

This the most popular jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria This job comes with reward if only you are honest and good in your calculation; you have to attend to people who want to buy petrol, diesel or kerosene. Being intelligent, articulate and analyti is a must for this job as it deals with figures. 

Your role is to sell these products to your customer and make your returns to your manager at the end of your shift. This job has a 24 hours space which two people use to share (Morning and Night), at the end of your shift you are going home with at least #1000 from customers tips and changes. 

Salary in this job depends on the company strength which is from #15,000 – #25,000 monthly. 

Wrapping up… 

I have taken time to explore the various job opportunities a waec holder or ssce holder can apply for and be gainfully employed. The salary scale for Best jobs for SSCE holders in Nigeria listed above may vary depending on the economic status of the firm. 

Should you choose between learning a skill or working for someone? The choice is yours but remember that there are no limitations as to what you can achieve. 

I believe you have learnt a thing or two from this post. Please share your thoughts on the comments field and share to your friends. 





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