13 Golden Rules to Pass JAMB 2023

Do you know that students who Prepare for Jamb 6-7 months away don’t score less than 300 in the examination?

Guess why? Early Preparation results in a perfect destination.

It’s high time to cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

Today I am going to share a comprehensive guide with you on how to prepare for Jamb with some powerful techniques I call the Golden rules on how to pass Jamb in 2023.

Trust me, every one who reads this from beginning to end has indirectly written his/her name in the list of those students who would pass jamb in 2023 and get admission.

Welcome to the hallmark of Success.

I am ‘Osas Divine’ your admission coach.

Keep reading.

Introduction on How to Pass Jamb in 2023

I have spent  years trying to understand how jamb works so i can help students find solutions to situations that blocks them from securing admission in Nigeria tertiary institutions.

And here is what I discovered.

1. It’s little possible or not possible at all to make Jamb without preparation.

2. Jamb would be difficult, unless you put some things In some place

3. Jamb is the simplest and most considered form of admission processing in Nigeria.


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So…. from today I will teach you the ups and downs in Jamb

Can I share a fact with you?.

Do you know,  80% of Nigerian students don’t like reading, perhaps some don’t know how to even read.

Without exaggerating,  this is the number one Problem students don’t make Jamb,  being that they have a low preparation ability,  relating to the fact that they don’t like reading.

Let me spell it out straight.

Why students fail Jamb Most; Reading Weakness.

A student picks his book to read and then he gets tired of reading,  I am sure you have once experience that,  do you don’t want to pave way for failure this year ?

Then take these 13 Golden Rules serious.

These rules have being guiding students for a long time and it has never ever fail, I reiterate,  this 13 Golden Rules never ever fail, they will definitely put smile on your face at last.

The 13 Golden Rules to Pass Jamb in 2023.

1. Fall in Love first with your books.

2. Do not waste any second of your time on worthless things.

3. Always use Jamb syllabus as a guideline for your study

4. You must study at least 10 years from jamb past questions before the examination

5. You must study at night at least 3 or four times a week for not less than 2 hours

6. You must never procrastinate anything

7. You must only go for a course you can contend for.

8. You must pray and fast, success needs an iron hand.

9. You must never study to forget. Use mnemonics to remember things you would forget.

10. You must pass your cut off mark with at least 20 points above.

11. Never put your hope on malpractice.

12. Do not get nervous or scared of Jamb, Jamb is simple if you know what you’re doing.

13. Don’t forget get information and always read so many Jamb guides to keep your fire burning always.

Golden Rule 1: Fall in love first with your books.

Now I have the opportunity to ask you this. Who/what do you love the most that you can’t do in your life.

I would like to know,  please leave a comment at the end of this below.

Maybe your phone, your friend perhaps something special or rather your book.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

If it’s your book you love the most, comment with, ” I love my books the most”

Remember to be honest it would help me so that I will know what area to focus on in my next article.

So since the question is rhetorical for now, let me say this.

Who or what you fall in love with is indirectly what will occupy your heart and mind, and if am not mistaken what you give your time the most to.

The rule for today is first, fall in Love with your book if you want to pass jamb in 2023.

The question is how do you expect me to fall in love with those big..mighty textbooks.

If that is so difficult I have I packaged a gift for you.

Read this ” How to enjoy reading and fall in love with your books”

Believe me there is nobody that will read that and don’t enjoy and fall in love with your books no matter how big that book is.

Golden Rule 2: Do not waste any second of your time on worthless things.

Worthless things are things you engage in that drive no single value to you.

Worthless things are just another strategies the enemy uses to waste your time.

Let me tell you a short story.

I know of a guy who was about to write jamb in two months’ time. His name is Ikechukwu John.

If you don’t find John playing betting games (bet9ja) then he would be arguing about sports,  if John is not arguing about sport he would be in the field playing football,  if John is not playing football he would be looking for girls to chat with on Facebook or whatsapp.

Do you know the only time you would find John reading when his dad is at home so bad his dad was not always at home as he was a busy farmer?

To cut the chase, John did not only have 128 in Jamb his dad relocated him to join him to look after his Cassava farmland In the village.

May that not be the portion of anyone reading this.

Can I tell you something. Success is not something that comes so easily in life, you need to work for it, if not forget it you don’t deserve it.

Even in free town, you have to pay the price for the price.

Did you get that?

I know you have some passions In life, some things may have worth to you but will not do you any good in your academics you have to decide whether to leave it or leave your academics simple as that.

Golden Rule 3: Always Use Jamb syllabus as a guideline for your studies.

I really laugh at some jambites.

You won’t believe this, sometimes last year I wrote an article on Jamb runz promising  I have the best jamb runz for free and dropped my whatsapp number.

Unfortunately this guy messaged me and asked for the Jamb runz as I promised.

And I sent him Jamb syllabus with jamb past questions and answers, and left a note; This is the best Jamb runz I have for you.

Guess what! He replied,  “who Jamb syllabus done help?” And blocked me.

What do you think such a person would be in life.

Well I leave judgement for God.

In case you don’t know,  Jamb syllabus helps as a guide.

So that you would know where to read and what to read on that particular topic.

So always remember my rule,  every Jambites must study base on Jamb syllabus.

Golden Rule 4: You must study at least 10 years from Jamb past questions

I remember reading a guide on this blog in using past questions for preparation.

Trust me that is the best advice we can give you.

Today I am telling you it’s a rule you must obey if you want to pass Jamb in 2023.

You are not permitted to prepare for Jamb without jamb past questions and answers.

Thank God you would find past questions free online so what is so difficult about using past questions.

Laziness I guess, and I feel so sorry and pray that your laziness does not bounce back on you.

The last thing you want is to waste your resources and 1 year of your time if not more.

I made 301 in Jamb believe me, I was least using  textbooks,  I was just solving past questions for 6 good months.

Although textbooks are great and most people prefer that, but whatever formula of study You are using,  you have to keep this rule, study at least 10 years past questions. .

Don’t ignore the 90’s thou from past questions.  Most students think they are old and Jamb doesn’t set questions from there,  who says so.

Don’t follow everything people say, it’s fine if you can’t study ten years anyway.  Just make sure you try.

Golden Rule 5: You must study at night at least 3 or four times a week for not less than 2 hours

I have done a research with the aid of questionnaires we interviewed 525 students who showed up in a programme once anchored by my team.

The research shows that only 10% of students love or prefer reading at night.

What happened to the remaining 90% ?

Busy sleeping or pressing their phones.

Let me shock you;  by means of confessions.

Amongst that 10%.

3% are studying pornography busy wasting their time on the internet watching nudes and learning sexual related matters…..how to make a girl fall in love with me..bla bla…..in fact save me those shits it’s so annoying.  But thank God they open up and where ready to change.

5% Open up that they were forced by their parents or guidance to study at night.

Only 2% actually woke up on their own to study their books.

Were are we going in this generation.

No wonder! That research was done in 2017, by the Osasdivineblog youth network team In Edo state. By now I believe things are slightly different.

What students Don’t know is 2 hour night study is greater than 5 hours daily study.

Wait I will tell you why.

During the day you work, walk, and talk which stresses the brain.

During the day the brain would have so much it’s processing so it can only retain little data, that is why many students read and forget In the examination.

If you want something to stick In your head study at night and you would come back to thank me.

Golden Rule 6: You must never procrastinate anything.

Have you noticed yourself procrastinating?

Okay I will start reading next week.

I will buy textbook next three weeks.

I will start preparing from on Sunday.

Be honest haven’t you in one way or the other procrastinate.

Well you see, that is wrong.

Procrastination is the direct child of failure.

Stop procrastinating because tomorrow may not be the best time, do your best until your best gets finish.

The best time you have is today not tomorrow.

Golden Rule 7: You must only go for a course you can contend for.

I see everyone choosing great and expensive courses.

Well so bad they keep writing and writing Jamb.

If you must pass Jamb in 2023 try and choose a course you’re ready to fight for.  A course you can wake up at night to study and prepare for a course that can make you work hard.

Golden Rule 8: You must pray and fast! Success needs an iron hand

If you’re not ready to fight tooth and nail then you don’t have to worry so much about Education.

Remember that hard work alone does not only guarantee your success.

If you want to really get a guarantee chances of admission then take out time and pray In your religion.

Golden Rule 9: You must never study to forget. Use mnemonics to remember things you would forget.

Omg! Mnemonics are my favorite.

When I use them 10 years time to come i would always remember Take for example,  I will always remember the first 80 elements and even draw a diagram of a periodic table with the aid of a mnemonics.

E.g He has Large brain but can not offer full nine subjects.

With this I know it’s the first 11 elements.

So use any formula you like to remember what you read.

Golden Rule 10: You must pass your cut off mark with at least 20 points above.

Don’t put your mind that what you want to score is 210 if you cut off mark is 210.

At least aim higher for the sake of admission competitions. So make sure you do great and focus high enough.

Golden Rule 11: Don’t put your hope on malpractice.

I always use myself as an example for this.

I was very scared of failing and so curious of Passing. Because I didn’t wanted to risk another year, I went online and started searching for jamb runz.

I joined whatsapp group. ..Facebook everywhere,  I was just so desperate.

So I came across one and the prove that it was real was 90%, I paid N8,000 and I was very hopeful that I have passed jamb.

I don’t wish to even talk about it because till today I am regretting my mistakes maybe I could have passed on my own but I ended up scoring 158.

See when the devil wants to get you he uses evidence to deceive,  could you believe I fell for the same mistake the next year and paid N3, 500.

What did I get at the end?

Wasted two years, efforts and resources.

The following year i started reading guides like this and followed every instructions.

If they say study two hours at night I would make it three.

At the end I made 301 and got admission.

You see in life shortcuts does not help anymore, they are destiny killers.

Just remember that God would never reward you unless you do the right thing.

I beg you in God’s name, allah or whatever God you serve refrain from malpractice.

A word they say is enough for the wise.

Golden Rule 12: Do not get nervous or scared of Jamb, Jamb is simple if you know what you’re doing.

Self explanatory right!

Fear breeds failure.

Believe you would fail and you will.

Believe you would pass and nothing can change that.

Don’t give any space for fear I  your life.

Just play your part and leave the rest for God.

Golden Rule 13: Don’t forget to get information and always read so many Jamb guides to keep your fire burning always.

Finally to conclude,  information helps you so much.

Get information always from the right source.

Thank God it’s free.

Here on this blog,  you can find any information you want….just remember to always come here.


Did you enjoy  this guide and you want more?

Do you actually want to get 300+ in Jamb, then read this guide.

“15 tips to Pass Jamb in one sitting”

I promise you,  if you read this 15 tips and match it with this 13 techniques to Pass Jamb in 2023.

Then it means I am going to see in school this year. To be a graduate is not a one day job.

So don’t feel that after reading this its all you need.

I remain your ‘Osas Divine’

You can follow me up and find at more at Osasdivineblog.

Don’t forget if you need genuine information about how to pass jamb in 2023 always come to this blog.

I need your encouragement to write more of this and the best way you can do that is to leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow!I am totally impressed with your article.I presently preparing for jamb and while studying past questions,I realized that questions were repeated but in different formats so I totally agree with you that past questions help.keep it up with the good work.Thanks

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