Current Best Aviation schools in Nigeria to choose from

These are the Best Aviation schools in Nigeria currently to choose from. Talking about aviation colleges in Nigeria, it might interest you to know that there are many of them.

There are aviation schools in Lagos and also school of aviation Zaria but choosing the best flying school in Nigeria to enrol is a little bit hard for prospective students.


I shall lead through the best aviation schools in Nigeria you can register and also tell you the various websites of aviation schools in Nigeria for more information.

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Aviation is no doubt a highly prestigious course to study and regardless its financial demands, there are even a many persons willing to take on the challenge and study in aviation schools. Nigeria has in addition keyed into the aviation sector and now has quite a couple of aviation schools accessible for enrolment.

Moreover, if you have dream to fly or a passion for aviation as a whole, this post is here to help you by bringing you with information on top licensed aviation schools in Nigeria.

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Mind you, aviation schools in Nigeria offer the following courses travel and tourism, ticketing programmes, these flying schools in Nigeria forms the aviation institutions, aviation training institute.

Most of the aviation schools in Nigeria have affiliations with international aviation colleges, flight training, aviation industry abroad and top aviation schools.

These aviation colleges just like universal school of aviation, focuses on training their pilots, setting up private owned aviation, taking refresher pilot courses and basic flight dispatcher with different school fees depending on your aviation faculty.

Current Best Aviation schools in Nigeria

These are the list of the top aviation schools in Nigeria currently as supervised by the Nigerian Aviation ministry.


This is Nigeria’s first aviation school which was founded in 1964, positioned in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. It has demonstrated to be one of the absolute aviation schools in the country. It has partnership with other airlines in the country which also contributes to provide employment to graduates from the college.

They offer a large list of courses accessible in the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology and their corresponding costs and they have all their courses certified by the NUC .

Apart from aviation courses, they in addition offer aircraft maintenance engineering and air traffic service courses. So if you have a passion for flying, NCAT is a good decision for you .

This is there official website


This is one of the best aviation schools in Nigeria. This school was founded in 2002 and is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. LABS offer you a wide diversity of aviation courses and provide the needed discipline fir a successful aviation practice.

The institution consist of 3 main faculties which include


  • The Faculty of Aviation and Management
  • Faculty of Tourism and Travel with courses like International Air Transport Association, Ticketing, Airfares
  • Faculty of Aviation Operations

Concerning the expenses, LABS tuition fees relies on the course you are going through. Simple flight dispatcher course which falls under Faculty of Aviation Operations cost up to N230,000.

While Ticketing and simple Airfares which fall under Tourism and Travel cost up to N75,000 for just two week program.

This is their official website

  1. The Universal School of Aviation

The Universal School of Aviation is one of the flying schools in Nigeria.  This school aims at providing a background for future staff in the aviation sector.

It is a certified aviation school in Nigeria with links and connections to domestic and international airlines. Graduates from this institution have extremely good chances of getting a job with aviation companies around the globe. This school brings courses like

  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Hotel Management
  • IATA Training
  • Electronic Booking
  • Flight Attendant

Pilot training courses can cost up to 7 million naira while most other courses cost up to N50,000. Furthermore, the Universal School of aviation in addition has a couple of discount plans for students; You can get up to 10% discount if:

  • You can endorse you’re from a low revenue family
  • Your siblings in addition enrol into the institution.

This is their official website


Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS) was established in 2005 and is a certified  school. It is a private aviation college in Nigeria that provides a wide spectrum of courses to the public.

In addition, they have as much as 44 aviation courses and 34 other courses with the right facilities and equipment for proper training of students.

In addition, the school costs in DABS rely on the courses to be undertaken. Durations for courses are from 3months to 24months. And can cost from N50, 000 to N7,000,000.

This is their official website

Wrapping up…

From the wide range of other aviation schools in Nigeria, I specifically chose these four schools. Over the years, they have proved to become the best flying schools in Nigeria although, you have to consider the costs and fees .

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