As a fresh student in the tertiary institution, it’s normal to make the mistake of packing what you actually don’t need in school. When packing, it is easier to pick the necessary clothings and materials and forget the important things that will make the learning process easier. We have put together 9 important things every university student needs as a fresher to make the learning process easier.

  1. Personal computer.

Every student needs a PC, to help in assignments, research, and also in studying. A personal computer is necessary in making the learning process easier, and while it may also be a form of distraction to some students who use them to watch movies and play PC games. Try as much as possible to use it in studying and making research online.

  1. Mobile Phones.

Every student need a mobile phone to help in  communicating with parents, lecturers, classmates and friends. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive, a simple phone that can make calls and send messages is more than enough.

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  1. Textbook, Handouts and manuals.

Going to school without textbooks and manuals is like going to the farm without your farming tools. Every student need to have textbooks, handouts, and manuals that they will use in addition to the notes taken in class to study and prepare for test and examinations. Get a list from your department or lecturers to know the textbook and manuals that are useful in your course of study.

  1. Reading lamp.

This is an important requirement for every student. A reading lamp with bright light will be needed for those late night study hours. As a student,  you should never rely on the power company for electricity. If you can’t afford a generator a good reading lamp with bright light is more than enough.

  1. File bag.

This is to help file important documents and prevent them from loss or damage. Make sure the bag is water proof and keep it in a hidden place where only you can access when you need to use it.

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  1. Learning materials.

Materials such as dictionary, stationeries, calculators, staplers e.t.c are needed to make the learning process easier. At all times students must have their own pen, pencils and writing materials to avoid borrowing or having to study without writing materials.

  1. Reading table and chair.

It’s possible your hostel accommodation didn’t come with a personal study table and chair, if it did not, it is very important that you get one. It’s best to study in an upright position, it improves the level of concentration as opposed to lying down on the bed and studying. Make arrangements to get a comfortable table and chair for study purposes.

  1. Library card.

This gets you admitted into the library, the one place where you have access to all available learning resources like textbooks and internet and also a place where you can study without distractions. As a student you will want to take full potentials of the library and the library card is your ticket to getting in.

  1. Internet access.

Learning today has moved from just the pages of textbook and journals, the internet has proven to be a large resource for information. The opportunities that abide online are unlimited and the internet play a major role in student study and research.

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