in this post, How to be a better student with increased chances of excelling. A lot of students keep finding it difficult to reach their full potentials and struggle through keeping up with lectures and school life in general.

while it may seem like your brain might be the problem, in reality changes in your attitude and lifestyle can help bring about the required changes in your performance level.

How to be a better student

Here are ways to be a better students with increased chances of excelling.

  1. Take lectures seriously and pay attention.

Try to attend lectures and prepare your mind to get the best from each classes by paying attention and participating actively while in class. If you must miss lectures let it be for reasons beyond your control and try to find out from fellow students what you missed out on.

  1. Have a set goal.

Goals, short term or long term are ways to prepare for success. If as a student you set goals and targets they help in motivating you to achieve your aim which is to succeed. Set goals that are realistic and attainable, there is no point in setting targets that you cannot meet.

  1. Try and avoid distractions.

Even while in school, there are little things that are able to keep you from focusing on getting good grades and making the best of your study time. Avoid distractions like unnecessary parties or activities that does not benefit you or your studies in anyway.

  1. interact with other students.

Even if you happen to be very intelligent the fact still remains that, you cannot know it all. Interacting with other students helps in spreading information and also assist in making the whole learning experience fun, seek out students who share in your ideology and are positively motivated.

  1. Make use of all the learning opportunities available.

Take advantage of the library, study groups, extra classes, seminars, workshop, while in school. They are put in place to make the learning process easy and offer some sort of added opportunity to get you closer to your goals. Make sure to always make the best of  every learning opportunity available to you.

  1. Be close to your lecturers.

Most students shy away from wanting to meet their lecturers personally. The interaction with lecturers shouldn’t be limited to the classroom alone. Learn to interact one on one with your lecturers this makes it easy to get their assistance whenever you have academic or non-academic problems.

  1. Be Social

you may want to argue that your primary goal in school is to study and study hard, but remember all work and no play makes the brain dull. Learn to unwind yourself from time to time, this help in reducing the stress on academic life and offer some sort of relief that helps your brain to function properly. Participating in associations, fellowships, and other campus organizations are also ways of building your social life on campus.

  1. Make every study time count.

While you may spend hours studying it is very possible that you might not get the best of the time spent studying. Devote enough time to study your books and make sure you endeavor to make the best of the hours spent studying.

  1. Stay healthy and get enough rest.

this issue of How to be a better student is quite important. After all the stress associated with lectures and tutorials, get enough rest to relax your body and mind. Engage in exercises and adopt a healthy meal plan that contains all the proteins and nutrients required to help in the optimization of the brain.

  1. Dress properly.

Dress the way you want to be address, if as a student you wish to be taken seriously by lecturers and fellow students you need to be properly dress. It doesn’t have to be too complex. The deal is to look responsibly dressed and neat. For the girls, there is no need for heavy make up and revealing dresses try to keep it simple and chic.

finally, you can do better as a student if you apply the tips above. Do not hesistate to drop any question on How to be a better student in the comment box.


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