Here is the benefits of travelling to your village

What is the benefit of traveling to the village?

How often do you travel to the village? Here is the benefits of travelling to the village. How do i get to know my customs and traditions? How does traveling to the village affect me educationally?

Friends, have you sat down to ask yourself these questions stated above? Do you feel as a student, it is not necessary to travel to the village, after all there is nothing fascinating to see?

Well, it is quite okay to look sophisticated and posh but let it not be in expense to your root. Youths nowadays have been made to understand and have the mindset that the village is filled with evil men and women therefore should be seen as a no go area, with this post i would like to correct that impression with these Educational Benefits of travelling to the village.

Know the laws of your land.

Every town, village and kindred have specific laws governing them, and without this laws, there would be chaos, Abominable acts and cruelty.

Knowing the laws that be, should be every student’s priority so as to know how to tread, talk, eat and drink at the right place and time. It also afford you the opportunity of learning your language fluently and flawlessly.

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Meet new relatives

Travelling to your village regularly will present an opportunity to meeting new relatives whom you may not know had existed. Here, you won’t make the mistake of falling in love with your supposed beautiful or handsome cousin.

Meeting new people affords you te priviledge of learning on tow useful things from them and striking up a connection that might aid your career or land you in yankee.

Know your kindred

It is quite appalling that most student doesn’t know their ancestral structure (kindred). Kindred according to google “one’s family and relations. Connections, family members, kin, one’s own flesh and blood.”

Through direct or indirect interaction with them, you could learn leadership skills, wisdom, idiomatic expressions and proverbs in your own language.

They will help you know exactly where you belong in your little village (age grade), what is expected of you etc.

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Keep tabs on your land

Your ancestral properties if not  managed by your father could be forcefully collected by an opportunists.

Imagine when you don’t know how  many farm lands you have in the village or how many economic trees you have. Please go home and ask your father to show you your future investments.

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Know your village people

You don’t have to know every dick and harry, forget about the evil tales of village people. you’ve got to look them in the eyes and show them whose boss participate in politics and contribute your own quota to the upliftment of your village (well that should be at your own risk).

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