Apply For Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Post-Primary Scholarship Award 2023

Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) welcomes applications from intrigued and qualified Primary school students for its 2023 POST PRIMARY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD.

The plan goes for supporting high-performing essential six students in the organization’s host networks and the oil-delivering conditions of Nigeria to get to post essential instruction uninterruptedly.

The plan commenced in 2012 with 28 recipients, and has developed to a sum of 172 recipients by 2015.

Forthcoming students are conceded onto the plan dependent on magnificent execution at the yearly National Examinations Council’s (NECO) Common Entrance Examinations.

NLNG Post-Primary Scholarship Eligibility

Any prospective beneficiary must:

  • Be an indigene of NLNG host communities.
  • Be a basic 5 or 6 pupil
  • Provide his/her Basic Five result
  • Must provide an attestation letter signed & stamped by the Head Teacher of his/her school (contact number of the Head Teacher also to be included)
  • Provide an indigene confirmation letter signed by the CDC Chairman or Chief in his/her community.
  • Provide letter of identification from his/her Local Government Council.
  • Not be a child or ward of staff of Nigeria LNG Limited.

How to Apply for Post-Primary Scholarship

Interested persons should follow the link below to apply.


Apply Before: May 13, 2023.

Please note that all applicants must:

  • All requested documents must be attached to avoid disqualification.
  • Applicants must fill in valid contact details as these will be used to communicate status of application.
  • Application will be disqualified for non-adherence to criteria for this scheme.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for the selection test.

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