WAEC 2024 Registration Closing Date: All you need to know

Hi guys,  I know you are already asking for Waec  2024 registration closing date. Although the registration started in early October, I am going to tell you the waec 2024 registration deadline.

Although, Waec gce 2023 registration closing date is due and according to WAEC, the examination will be conducted between January and February 2024, you may click here for waec gce 2024 timetable. Meanwhile, the exam body is taking a serious step to discourage candidates from engaging in examination malpractices and patronizing exam runs centers.

WAEC 2024 registration closing date: all you need to know

Before you ask me about the waec 2024 registration closing date, I would like to tell you that the exam is expected to run between April to June 2024.

Waec popularly known as may/june WASSCE 2024 is not actually hard. Given the right preparation, you can make all your papers. Here, I highlighted great tips on how to pass waec one time without relying on expo.

Now back to your questions…

When is Waec 2024 registration closing date? Waec 2024 registration began around November and is expected to end on February  20th, 2024.  The Waec Examination date for the year 2024 is April 2024. You may click here to get the waec syllabus and use it to prepare yourself well.

You know waec  registration is of two types which are:

Waec for schools

This is for secondary schools and is expected to commence April through June. It is popularly known as may/june waec exam.

 Waec for private candidates

This is specifically for private candidates. It is popularly known as WAEC GCE or November / December. You can learn more about WAEC GCE 2024 here

Wrapping up…

Now, If you have been pondering where to get the legit and latest waec news updates and guide about waec, how to pass waec, timetable for waec, always , this is the best website for that.

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