WAEC RUNS 2023 and WAEC Miracle Centers: Why you must avoid

Talking about Waec Runs 2023, Waec miracle centers and why must and should avoid them, I shall be outlining the benefits of doing exam runs and also the disadvantages of relying on waec expo sites.


Hi dear, I am sorry to disappoint you, but with this post, I am going to take you by the hand, and show you why you must not engage in Waec exam malpractice a.k.a waec runs 2023, and also tell you the dangers of registering in private centers popularly known as waec miracle centers.

Before I continue, I would be talking on….

  • Waec runs and Waec miracle centers: why you should avoid them
  • Benefits of patronizing Waec Runs 2023, Waec miracle centers, and doing 2023 exam runs.
  • Disadvantages of engaging in Waec Runs 2023 and Waec Miracle centers
  • Dangers of Waec Runs 2023 and Waec Miracle centers
  • Wrapping up… Why the dangers outweigh the gains


Note: In most cases, The West Africa Examination Council, WAEC might have to cancel some exams that have already been written in the ongoing Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination because some websites are allegedly selling answers to candidates which must often than not are fake.

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As of April this year, a number of websites were allegedly taken down because of fraudulent Waec runs activites. Here are the five websites that have allegedly been exposed for selling WAEC and NECO exam questions and answers to students.

Waec runs and Waec miracle centers: why you should avoid them

There are many ways in which this so called runs experts advertise their trades notably through..

  • Facebook groups for exam runs and malpractice
  • Forums and Blogs
  • Personal websites and sponsored advertisements.
  • Teachers and Runs boys/ men copy waec answers on the board. Also, waec answers could be sent to you via sms even before you enter the exam hall. These centers are referred to as waec expo and miracle centres.


The aim of this post is to tell you straight to your face that it is very possible to pass WAEC without expo or runs in various Exam Miracle Centers.

According to Amas Nigeria,  these are the 13 reasons why your must avoid waec runs 2023 and run from Waec miracle centers

  1. 99.9% of the guys advertising expo and runs online are Fraudsters. They don’t know anything about waec and neco runs. They want to collect your money because you are too desperate.
  2. Most of the answers you would get via sms may not be correct.
  3. Expo makes you lose confident in yourself. You will always believe that you cannot pass waec on your own.
  4. Since many persons would copy similar answers, waec officials would suspect cheating and your result would be held.
  5. There would be mass failure in your waec centre.
  6. Waec withholds thousands of results yearly to do malpractice.
  7. Your centre would be blacklisted.
  8. You may have to sit for another waec; even Jamb
  9. Even if the miracle centre works for you and you make all “ As ” in your nine subjects, your Jamb performance would be poor and you may end up wasting years at home before gaining admission.
  10. You would learn to always depend on runs and expo for every examination.
  11. You would waste time you would have spent on reading Online to browse expo on Google and search for expo centres on the internet.
  12. It is very expensive to register in Miracle centers. You would end up spending a whole lot of cash and time.
  13. You won’t be proud of your result anywhere.

Benefits of patronizing Waec Runs 2023, Waec miracle centers and doing 2023 exam runs.

These are the benefits of doing exam runs

  • You are promised straight As..
  • Most often that not, you settle for Bs.. and Cs..
  • In rare cases, you make your papers in one sittings


Disadvantages of engaging in Waec Runs 2023 and Waec Miracle centers

  • Low self esteem and self guilt
  • Inability to pass any exam on your own.
  • Exam phobia sets in even in the most simplest exams.
  • Fear of your paper being withheld.
  • Fear of being caught cheating.
  • Waec runs and waec miracle centers are highly expensive

Dangers of Waec Runs 2023 and Waec Miracle centers

  • Rape: for the ladies, you stand a chance of being raped by your exam runs coordinators.
  • You could be robbed, maimed, or killed
  • They promise good accommodation but you end up being packed in a poor house despite the huge fee paid for the Waec miracle centers.
  • Your result might get canceled.
  • You could be arrested for Exam Malpractice


Wrapping up… Why the dangers outweighs the gains.

As you can see from the analysis above, the benefits of engaging in exam runs and subsequently waec runs 2023, is little compared to the disadvantages.

I assure you that if you can believe in yourself, you can make your papers even without any waec miracle centers or by doing runs.

Do not jeopardize your money, parents, and future by engaging in waec examination malpractice.




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