Have you ever thought of famous philosophers who lived before you? Do you know that most of the concepts enjoyed today where possible through the help of these famous philosophers who has contributed a lot both in literature and science.

Truly, You have never been a university student if you don’t know these people.


i am not trying to talk you down, but it is expected of you as a student to these great men.

These famous philosophers through their philosophical quotes, philosophy books, philosophical theories and postulations have contributed to become the best philosophers of all time.

Why do i talk about them this way?

well, talking about these great and famous philosophers who lived on earth right before we came, it is astonishing to note that their works is still widely acknowledged even in this modern era.

That being said,

I have compiled a list of 8 famous philosophers every  Student Must Know.

Still on the matter, how can you be a university student if you don’t know these people? Do not stay in the dark anymore while other people discuss them.

Top 8 Famous philosophers who lived

This is why i titled this post, ‘8 famous philosophers who lived‘. Here are their names and contributions to life. List of 8 People

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

He is popularly known as MLK. He is popular for fighting for the rights of black people in the United States.

But beyond America, Martin Luther King Jr. was also reputed especially after earning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. He was also one of the greatest orators of his time.

Some of his popular speeches include the 1963’s ‘I have a dream’, ‘I’ve been to the mountain top’, ‘Vietnam and beyond’ and writings like the‘Letter from Birmingham Prison‘ others.

Note: Martin Luther King Junior won The 1964 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in fighting for black rights using non-combatant method.

He was shot dead in 1969, at the age of 39 years. MLK is among people every campus student must know!

Malcolm X

Malcolm was one of the black American human right activist, known for his no-nonsense stand in the fight for the liberation of black people from racist attacks.

He was majorly Muslim and he believed in extreme methods of dealing with the racism in America at that time. The ‘X’ in his name means nullity, he insisted that his African name had been taken away during slave trade.

He is famed for speeches like ‘Who taught you to hate the skin God Gave you?’, ‘The house neegro vs the field neegro’, ‘When one exercises intelligently directly extremism for the sake of liberty for human beings, it’s no vice’, and many others.

He was 40 when he was assassinated in 1965. Malcolm is one famous philosopher every person should  know.

Note: Malcolm X contributed to the Civil Rights and Dignity of Black people in The US


Steve Biko

Steve Biko is the African definition of activism. Yeah, He was only a young university student in South Africa when he stood up against the oppressive rule of the apartheid policy.

He was a mastermind of the Soweto Uprising and many more. He was ruthlessly murdered by the apartheid government police. You can get more about Steve Biko via google search.

For sure, Biko is in the list of famous philosophers  every University Student Must Know!

Albert Einstein

Now, who does not know Him? This is the father of all inventions and intelligent quotes. Besides the Law of Relativity and E = MC2 radioactivity equations, Einstein gave several quotes and made several discoveries.

During his time, the German was considered the most intelligent person in the world. After the WW2 (World Word II), he was offered to be the President of Israel, but declined.

How did you even become a university student if you have not heard of this great philosopher called Einstein?!

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

If you don’t know them, it’s only understandable if you are a first year student and haven’t seen the door to a lecture hall yet.

These three Greek Philosophers are the reason art guys go to school or so I suppose.

You would never have done an art course at the university or any other higher institution today without mentioning these names.

They were so wise that their only equal would be probably Solomon. Catch up with a book like The Republic by Plato and you will marvel at just how, hundreds of years before Christ (about 400BC), people would reason out things like this!

Wrapping up….

This famous philosophers who lived, are the real season while we study courses like physics, law, business and the rest of them.

Human rights activism originated from them, this is while they are famous philosophers.

Well in my opinion, these are the real guys, i mean the real famous philosophers who lived and they are  in the List of 8 great men University Student Must Know!

Let’s hear your thoughts on famous philosophers who  lived please.



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