Is School Actually A Scam? This is Why People Say That School is Scam

This is Why People Believe School Na Scam (maybe they are right)

Wait, this is not a diss or insult to people who believe in school. It’s just an open reality that I want you to carefully read.

And if someone who failed at school is telling you school na scam, don’t listen. E dey pay pain am say e no Sabi book.


However, it is very clear school has not been able to meet up with its promises:

– Get a high-paying job if you finish with good grades.

No, it doesn’t happen anymore. You read in the news how first-class graduates of professional courses prefer to open a shop than to practice what they spent years studying.

When an Okada rider makes more money monthly than a lab attendant.

– When you’re a graduate, you have a higher standard of life.

This is also very far from the truth. Many people who don’t go to school know more about life than scholars.

You’re a graduate doesn’t mean you’re wise. And this is why many scholars have been left behind in the world’s current economy.

Wise people, actionable people, intelligent people dominate the money not people who memorize loads of stuff.


Now take note, the school can be a scam but education can never be a scam. It’s different.

Education is beyond school. It’s the overall knowledge humans need to thrive. Learning is a life activity, not a place activity. It exists outside school.

Education equips you with these skills:

– Thinking
– Communicating
– Emotional intelligence
– Problem-solving
– Team working & many more.


However, school still works for some people, it just doesn’t work for the majority. And when you can, school is the first place you learn to discover yourself especially if you’re a Nigerian.

In fact, most successful people are graduates. So the point is not that school is useless.

The point is you will not get most of what you need in school.

So start working on yourself, on your personal development, and on your mind.

Give yourself to learning every day, and you will reap the reward in many ways.

Thanks for reading

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