While this is very true some courses are more marketable than others and when we mean marketable we mean the courses that are in high demands by the labour market right now, while every other course and professions are also very much important, we have made a list of 10 of the most marketable courses in Nigeria 2017

Click to learn about the best marketable courses in Nigeria currently. These courses are among the best courses to study in Nigeria right now.

These marketable courses is a mixture of both arts and science courses in Nigerian universities.

but as easy as it may seem, this courses are highly competitive but labour friendly.

We know that some courses are more labour friendly i.e most marketable courses than others. Let’s take a look at the 10 OF THE BEST MARKETABLE COURSES IN NIGERIA today.

while most marketable courses in Nigeria are among the affordable courses to study, others are among the most expensive courses to study in Nigeria.

A lot of folks believe that being successful after school has nothing to do with your course of study in the university.

While this is very true, some courses are more marketable than others and when we mean marketable we mean the courses that are in high demands by the labour market right now.

while every other course and professions are also very much important,

we have made a list of 10 of the

Top 10 Best marketable courses in Nigeria.

These are the list of the best marketable courses in Nigeria currently according to their descending order.


  1. Journalism/mass communication/media.

In a country with a growing population rate, there is a growing need for journalists and media practitioners to help in the dissemination of news and information to the teeming public.

Graduates of mass communication and journalism are constantly been needed in the newspaper companies, radio and television stations, and other media houses.

In addition there is the option of freelance journalism.


  1. Economics/Accounting/Marketing

In a country like ours that experiences a growing rise in private enterprise and industries there will also be a growing need for accountants, marketers and economists to take control of the accounts, marketing and finance divisions of these enterprises.

 Although graduates of these discipline can boost their employment chances by getting professional certification such as ACCA and ICAN.

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  1. Nursing.

There is no doubt that in Nigeria we need more hospitals and clinics to cater for our growing health care needs. In addition to doctors, nurses are needed even more than the doctors to assist in rendering health care services to the growing population.


  1. Law.

Although in recent times the Law profession has suffered a decline in its economic value due to the multitude of people in the profession.

Nonetheless it is still one of the courses with a higher chance of job security. With a law degree, whether you choose to practice or not there are so many opportunities you can explore.

Real estate and business management are examples of such opportunities.


  1. Geology / petroleum engineering.

Although these courses are only restricted to just the oil and gas industry but  but due to the oil explorations going all around the country, Geologists and petroleum engineers are very much needed in the Oil and Gas industry to help out with exploration activities.

Graduates stand a chance to benefit from the bumper salary structure obtainable in the oil and gas industry


  1. Electrical / mechanical / civil engineering.

These courses in addition to been sort after in Oil and gas firms, is also in high demand in industries and firms where mechanical, electrical and civil activities such as construction, power generation, power distribution, design, repair, manufacture and maintenance are carried out.

Graduates of these discipline stand a high chance of getting employment in the labour market.


  1. Medicine.

Medicine is one of the most sought after profession in Nigeria. In addition to nurses, doctors are needed to cater to the health care needs of the citizens.

Although not one with the highest pay, the salary is very robust and the chances of getting a job after medical school is almost 100%.


  1. Computer engineering / computer science / Information technology.

IT experts and professionals are in high demand globally and also in the country.

Even without securing employments with big IT firms there is still the option of freelancing, and with an IT backed knowledge and certification graduates stand a chance of making a descent income working on their own.

The only disadvantage is that IT skills can be gotten without going to the university or attending any class.


  1. Pharmacy.

This discipline has to deal with the preparation and dispensation of drugs. The health sector needs pharmacist to help in the study and research of new drugs, in addition to being able to work for top pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and government bodies like Nafdac in Nigeria also graduates of this discipline have the permission to operate their own private pharmacy.


  1. Estate Management / Architecture

 Estate management deals with the development, maintenance and management of lands and landed properties.

With the growing increase in real estate there will be a growing need for estate management and architects.

Architecture students right from the University days can make income from drawing building plans and design.


Wrapping up…

The fact that these courses are the BEST MARKETABLE COURSES IN NIGERIA CURRENTLY does not mean that other not mentioned are not marketable.

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