10 Tips On How To Pass JAMB UTME 2023 In Flying Colours

Clearly, as it seems, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) which is a necessity in gaining admission into any Tertiary Institution in Nigeria is a must-pass; and with this post “how to pass jamb utme 2023“, I intend to walk you through proven tips and tricks to smash this one.

The form is out, candidates are gearing to register and the examination date is fast approaching for JAMB 2023.

To certain individuals, it poses as an insurmountable mountain while to some, it’s just a walkover. Nevertheless, persons in both categories still yearn for more tips and tricks to improve their prospective chances of having a 300+ high score in the JAMB UTME 2023. Verily I say unto you, “fear not!” Look no further, for your worries are over.

Here are quick ten (10) tips to pass the  JAMB UTME 2023 with flying colors;


10 Tips On How To Pass JAMB UTME 2023

1. Get set, prepare and prepare

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation. Prepare your mind, clear every storm of distraction off your head, pray, take a deep breath and relax. Now, let your mindset be likened to that of a victor.

Set goals on the marks you aspire to in each subject, considering your strengths and weaknesses. Commence efficient work with respect to your set goals. Early preparation engenders outstanding results, but either way, it’s not too late to begin. Procrastination they say is the thief of time. Get set now!

2. Gather quality textbooks and cogent materials

Invest now, enjoy later. Fending for quality in the stead of quantity makes you a qualifier in any field. Know the JAMB UTME 2023 syllabus,  Subject Combination, and acquire textbooks that comply with it. JAMB also recommends certain books, try your possible best to get them.

But not only Textbooks are required for studying. Get a quality notebook, jotter, calculator (optional), and other essential stationery. Your textbooks must be comprehensive enough and self-explanatory including illustrations and what have you? Remember, aim for quality!

3. Plan your game

The JAMB UTME 2023 is a very crucial examination. Therefore, studying for it has to be without any iota of levity. Structuring out a plan is thereby needful. What do you make plans for? What to read, when to read and where to read. These all have to be incorporated into what I call a ‘Study Guide’.

Personally, I don’t assimilate subjects that have to do with numbers without music or noise being heard, whereas, other subjects have to be read in quiet environments. We know ourselves, and if you’re yet to, receive knowledge of yourself now! Design a study guide bearing the knowledge of yourself in mind.

4. Study hard and enjoy your game

Yes! Now the ‘Study Guide’ has been structured. It’s now time for implementation. Studying is an act of reading carefully with an intent to remember, so, this is not like reading those broadcast messages you see on social media. Set your study goals and objectives, they would help strengthen and serve as a reminder when you’re getting fatigued.

Also, get your jotter to stand by, jot down essential points don’t assume it’s already up there. Ensure you fully understand. Serve as your own teacher, make good use of mnemonics as reminders, now we’re at the fun part. Don’t overstress your brain, take a break when it’s getting boring, take a cool drink, surf the web, play a game or just take a walk. Then, get back to your books and enjoy the real game

5. Improve your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses

My sister, my brother, it’s high time we stopped deceiving ourselves, we know what we know we know, and also vice-versa. Stop skipping those topics because they seem incomprehensible, stop spending fewer hours on subjects that pose fathomless. As it gives you a tough time, try twice as much to disintegrate it.

There’s no limit to learning and no knowledge they say is lost. Therefore, you know you’re a ‘mathematics guru’ or you’re so good at any subject per se, try you’re best to smoothen those rough edges and render the little cracks so you come out suave and clean.

6. Make good use of past questions
In your present state, seek the past, acquire knowledge, and, bam! You are set for an enviable future. If you’ve never skimmed through any past questions, I tell you, you aren’t prepared at all. Now, if you’ve skimmed through without studying and trying the questions, man you’re still lagging behind.

When I say ‘studying’, I mean understanding the ethics behind JAMB’s method of questioning, solving, taking note of the corrections, and pointing out the recurrent questions. I’d advise that you cover at least 8 previous years of past questions in each of your subjects.

7. Connect with like minds
The company you keep determines what accompanies you. All through your preparation for JAMB UTME, sieve out everyone who’s adding no value to your life.

in order to pass jamb utme 2023, you need to get into an association of ‘Jambites’ having the same goal as you do, specifically the same subjects and make sure they aren’t dummies unless you’re ready to help, but help yourself first. Seek advice from those who scaled UTME through with outstanding results.

8. Get acquainted with CBT

As you’re aware that  JAMB UTME 2023 will be purely a ‘Computer Based Test’ (CBT), I urge you to make tangible efforts in familiarizing yourself with the CBT atmosphere. Whether you’re computer literate or not, there’s nothing to worry about cos JAMB has made it easy enough to be apprehended.

Typing your Registration number on the keyboard is as easy as texting on WhatsApp. What’s left is making use of the mouse’s left button to tick your answers.

Moreover, there is JAMB CBT Software that you can you practice. I’ll recommend the Eduregard JAMB CBT Software for both android and PC.

NB: make sure the mouse is working properly before you fill in your reg number by navigating the cursor around the screen. If it isn’t working, quickly beckon on the officials around for help.

9. Stay updated

Never assume you know what’s going on, you don’t. We’re in an age where information is very salient and dynamic. The JAMB officials come up with abrupt changes in dates. Stay updated and never miss a bit

10. Put God First

the tips and hacks above on how to pass jamb utme 2023 will not be possible if you neglect prayers. Funny how I put this as number 10, but if you’ve been following, you’d realize I mentioned ‘pray’ in number 1.

That implies that prayer is part of your preparation. The place of prayer cannot be overemphasized, your religion notwithstanding. Mind you, not just praying, but believing and striving for righteousness would help increase your concentration.

Those sinful habits have to stop, especially during this period, all they do is; embezzle your time, now imagine if you invest just half the time you spend on those immoral acts on your books, see how much you acquire… What I’m saying in essence is, try to stay consecrated so your heart desires become granted. Prayer with the right approach is the master key.

These ten tips are on the basis of three keys (P’s)

(i) Preparation (ii) Planning (iii) Pursuit

Bear those keys in mind, engage them, never let them fall off your left hand and I assure you your 300+ score in the year’s JAMB UTME 2023 unlocked.

These secrets tips on how to pass jamb utme 2023 will only be possible if you put in your best. Shun frivolities and lackadaisical attitudes and smash this jamb once and for all.



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